Welcome to the Morrison Seeders web page.  We are pleased to have you come look around and hope that you find useful information here.  John Morrison is a semi-retired, agricultural engineer who invented a suite of equipment for smallholder farmers to use in practicing conservation agriculture.   His goal is to help smallholder farmers achieve  sustainable food production through the use of conservation agriculture methods.  SMTI developed and productionized John’s seeder, then in 2014, the seeder went into production and became available for distribution.  This is a non-profit venture for all involved and it is our deepest hope that these seeders will achieve their purpose of improving food security in rural communities.   

CA-Seeder 1000

Seeder in covered field 5620 clr

Our featured product is a one-row, conservation-agriculture (CA) seeder for use by small-holder farmers.

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  • Designed with direct input from small-holder farmers and international agriculture professionals
  • Field-tested under CA conditions of non-plowed soils and fields with old-crop residues covering the soil in Mexico, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and the US.
  • Seeds a wide variety of row crops
  • Operates well in rocky and problem soils.
  • Successfully used on several different 2-wheel tractors (2WT), including both petrol and diesel 8-hp tractors and larger.
  • Can be hauled by draft animals.
  • Additional applications
    • Strip-tilling
    • Side-dress fertilizing


 Italian-to-Asian Hitch AdapterItalian Hitch web

This adapter attaches to the hitch and PTO-port on an Italian tractor providing an Asian style hitch thus enabling use of equipment designed for Asian 2-wheel tractors 2.



CA Seeder 1000 501001-000 29Apr14

The seeder is designed according the following specifications:

  • Simple, Rugged Construction
  • Soil-engaging components are proven to be durable, damage-resistant items
  • Stainless steel seed and fertilizer hoppers resist corrosion
  • Uniform seeding performance in paths cleared through old-crop residues
  • Operates well in rocky and other problem soils
  • Dual-Chamber Seed Meter
    • Accommodates Most Seed Sizes
    • Independently Adjustable Seed and Fertilizer Rate
  • Single Hitch-Pin Connection to 2WT or Draft Animal Tow
  • Single-Pin Depth Adjustment
  • Operator Rides in Both Seeding &Transport Modes